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C L E A R  S P A C E  

In the early 2000's, my shared flat in Kentish Town lacked the digital distraction that occupies every corner of modern life. The long, melancholic hours spent in this clear, unimpeded space allowed for imagination to flow. The now hyper-connectedness of life, was back then, still a utopian and distant concept.


Nearly 20 years later it’s easy to see how much was about to change. Today we reminisce on how that fleeting era when being truly lost in one’s own thought was taken for granted. A series of photographs I created in the empty spaces of those old rooms, with a Bronica 6x6 film camera, reflected the experience of that clearer space of mind. Without knowing it, they captured the essence of an unhindered time where our interior lives would soon become flooded by the distractions of technology.


In an attempt to preserve these past moments, handling the prints as material, 'vintage' objects becomes a way to connect back. Through this, it is possible to recall an emptiness and boredom we are unable to fully restore. Another layer represented in the digital images is the dusty archive boxes and envelopes the prints are stored in. Like evidence of an analogue time they hint toward a longing for uncluttered moments.