The absurdity of this mixed ephemera hints at an unnatural melting together of two worlds. familiar, manmade materials and natural elements act as a reminder of the impact overconsumption is having on our environment.


These surreal assemblages depict the essence of the modern deal. The deal serves the interests of today’s capitalistic society, at the cost of the world’s ecosystem. Polluted & domesticated – the natural world absorbs the unnatural materials of man. The result is a cocktail of organic and inorganic matter.


Today’s throwaway materials are as commonplace as they are problematic. Now more than ever, we are aware of the impact production and disposal of them has on the environment. Nonetheless, these items provide vital domestic functions. The common quotidian items, in their domestic context, are familiar to us. They become reassuring markers of cultural styles and trends. Their everyday capacity allows us to form a nostalgic and poetic connection to them.


Once taken from their usual context, mixed with organic items and placed before the camera, these familiar objects and materials tell a different story. One, which invites us to question the complexity of our relationship with consumption. It forces us to consider our individual role in the damage inflicted on the planet. But also, to re-think our understanding of more universal systems of control that are at play.

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T H E  M O D E R N  D E A L

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