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Digital Analogue

Digital Analogue

The geometric shapes in this series resemble digitally produced images but are in fact created fully by hand and shot with natural light sources. On initial appearance, the imagery appears as pristine geometric arrangements, however on closer inspection the homemade quality of the work - built at the artist’s home - becomes apparent with not quite straight lines, creased paper and pieces of tape all revealing themselves.

The majority of the commercial photography we are surrounded by is heavily altered but is asking us to subliminally except that as reality - i.e. an image of a model in fashion or beauty advertising. By reversing this process and portraying a non- digital image as digitally constructed the artist asks the audience to question what is being viewed and in doing so, to reflect on the era of photography we live in today where manipulation of images is omnipresent.

Spending time building handmade paper structures, slowing the time down from snapshot to choreographed exposures, this series allows those questions to be explored. Is the work digital, analogue, real, manipulated, painted or photographed? 

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